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Via The Great Jonathan Tillman a.k.a. @thetillshow 

Ah, yes. It’s June. The weather has warmed up considerably, and outdoor pools are opening again. But this is more about my favorite piece of full-length clothing on a woman’s frame: the sundress/maxidress.

You may wonder why so many of us guys fawn over such a garment. I mean, it doesn’t show as much skin as bikinis or lingerie. Yet the sundress gets tons of adoration. Here’s why. It’s subtly sexy. A woman in a free-flowing sundress looks as if The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” is playing as she walks. No, they don’t necessarily hug her curves, but the right sundress accentuates them all the same.

So a few of us on Twitter started a month dedicated to the sundress and the women that wear them. We are asking that you share pics of yourself in sundresses. We are also asking observers of said pictures to keep his or her mouth shut should he or she not find one of those participants attractive. There’s no need to keep ranting about something you don’t like for attention. Just sit back and let awesome work.

So that’s it. I love the sundress, and I hope it stays warm forever so the women can wear them in abundance.