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Zach Randolph Leads The Grizzlies Out Of Hibernation

For a little over a decade the Grizzlies have sputtered and everyone was wondering what they were actually doing. They made a move from Vancouver to Memphis and not a lot changed. The franchise took a risky move and brought in Jerry West, the orchestrator of the fast break west coast LA Lakers and everyone's expectations went through the roof. But night after night and season after season the Grizzlies were reminded that you are still that small market team from Memphis.

The Grizzlies started making some good moves but then a questionable move occurred when they basically gave their franchise player Pau Gasol to the Lakers for a 3 piece Popeyes dinner and a bottle of muscle milk. The move seemed to set the franchise back but a few good drafts, a culmination of new talent, and free agency moves has the Grizzlies looking like a contender in the west. 

This recent series against San Antonio is just another example of what a team that is motivated can do regardless of youth or not. Experience is always good, but if my team has m

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The Ten Most Unappreciated Players In The NBA

It’s all star time and there are a few guys who just continue to put up numbers but you don’t really hear a lot about them getting some all star considerations. They aren’t fan favorites because they play in markets where voting isn’t likely and the teams they play for are either loaded with more recognizable talent or they will get overlooked because they are on a team that is just awful.

Having the NBA League Pass the past couple of seasons, I have been able to see a lot of basketball. I have watched games that the average fan wouldn’t even bother to watch. That’s me though, I am a sports fanatic and I just have an appreciation for the game. I am that dude who could walk by a gym, see a good game of pickup basketball or a good game of one on one and I will stop to see if it is going to be a battle. Competition is the spice of life for me. Since I was young G, the thrill of the game made me appreciate the ability of others, that most people take for granted. I see the quiet assassin on the team. I see the person that is the glue. I see the hot man off the bench. I also see the guy who does all of the dirty work (the blue collar guy).

With that being said, I decided that it was time to do an NBA’s ten most unappreciated list. These are the guys who just get it done, night after night and people have either just started to take notice or they have taken it for granted. Take a look at the list:

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