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NFL Rookies To Watch In 2010

Which rookies in the NFL will make the biggest impact in 2010? There were a lot of talented rookies taken in this years NFL draft. It appears to have been the deepest first four rounds of football in the past four to five years in the NFL. From offensive and defensive linemen to running backs and defensive backs this draft brought plenty of talent and speed to the NFL game.

There are many offensive players who will make a big impact. I believe Russell Okong will be the biggest impact player on the offensive line that was drafted. His first few plays in the preseason were as impressive as any that I have ever seen in the NFL by a rookie offensive lineman. Jermaine Gresham will be the cream of the crop at the tight end position. He is a mean balance of speed and power and is almost as polished as a bunch of NFL veterans now.

The rookie quarterbacks will all struggle. Sam Bradford will probably get more snaps than everyone else, but don’t expect big things from him. Bradford will be good and possibly great in the future but he will probably struggle heavily as he will not have the luxury that most rookie quarterbacks who succeed usually have on their side. He will however benefit from having an explosive running back.

The wide receiver position is loaded with talent but two names jump off the board when talking about rookie receivers. It’s funny because one is a fourth rounder and the other is a first rounder. Mike Williams of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is probably going to be the most outstanding non first round player and possibly the rookie of the year. I suspect Dez Bryant will be the other receiving monster and should begin to excel after the first four games of the season.


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2010 BCSOM Fantasy Football Draft Guide - Running Backs

Now that you have gotten your quarterback situation under control today we are going to discuss the beasts of the fantasy draft. That’s right we are talking running backs. While you are looking for a running back there are three things to keep in mind. First of all do they score touchdowns? The reason is touchdowns are worth 6 points in most leagues. That is the most points you can get on any one play in fantasy on offense. Secondly do they gain a lot of yards per game? In fantasy football you get 1 point per 10 yards rushed for so you want to make sure that your runner gets close to a hundred yards per game.

The goal is to get a minimum of 10 points per game from your running back. Finally is your guy versatile. Versatility is key here because it gives you options. If your running back will be involved in the passing game, or even the return game, it is a plus. Touchdowns are touchdowns and any way your guy can score them you should take it.

Below I have compiled a list of the top 20 running backs to grab in the fantasy draft.

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