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Entries in NFL Playoffs (5)


Breaking Down The Saints and Niners In The Playoffs

Last week the Saints made easy work of the Detroit Lions. In fact the game was far more lopsided than I imagined. I was sure the Lions front four would be tough for the Saints to handle. They had their

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If The Cowboys Lose To The Giants...

If the Dallas Cowboys lose on Sunday to the New York Giants, they will lose another opportunity to be named NFC East Champs, as well as miss the playoffs

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Let The Real Games Begin: Teams Scramble For A Spot In The Playoffs

Fifteen teams remain alive in a mad scramble for five remaining playoff spots, and the seven clubs already qualified for the postseason play fight for seeding in the penultimate week

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Is Rex Ryan The NFL's Nature Boy

You have to admire the brass of Rex Ryan. The man talks the talk and tries his best to walk the walk. He is modern day “Nature Boy” as he tells us how he feels. He thinks he’s the best as he is styling and profiling his way up and down the sidelines.

Rex knows his team is good, but he isn't just bracing himself as the proclaimed leader of "His Horsemen", Rex is accepting the challenge of being the man. Rex wants to be the top dog, and in order to do that he has to walk the walk and beat those that came before him. 

It all started last week when Rex called out Peyton Manning. Sure enough he won that match up as the Jets pulled out a last second victory versus the Indianapolis Colts. This week Rex didn't leave any of his Rick Flair like behavior at home. During his press conference leading up to the game with New England this weekend, he stated:

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NFL Week 12 In Review: The Playoff Picture Is Starting To Unfold

Now that December is upon us, it's a good time to start tracking the playoff picture. If the playoffs started today, this is what we would have:


1. New York Jets

2. Baltimore

3. Kansas City

4. Jacksonville

WC: New England, Pittsburgh


1. Atlanta

2. Chicago

3. Philadelphia

4. St. Louis

WC: New Orleans, N.Y. Giants

Jacksonville and Indianapolis have the same record, but the Jaguars won the first meeting between the teams. It would be foolhardy to count Peyton Manning and the Colts out, but we can at least realistically contemplate Indianapolis not making the post-season for the first time since 2001. It would seem their only route to the playoffs is winning their division — more on that later — as the current AFC wild card teams are at least two games ahead of them.

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