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My First Time With The Big Time NCCU Versus Rutgers 

This past Thursday I was granted an opportunity to experience live television and radio with some of the biggest people on television. ESPN 3 and NCCU Radio were teamed up to deliver the broadcast of the Rutgers versus North Carolina Central University football game.

My week started as I landed in New Brunswick, New Jersey at the Hyatt Regency courtesy of my homeboy George Miller. Good looking out homie. The people in New Brunswick were extraordinary as they showed some great northern hospitality. Very rarely do I visit places that I would consider living but let me say that New Brunswick is one of those places.

The people there were typical college town people like that of Chapel Hill, NC but they showed a lot of respect to each other and their guests. I watched old white and black people help each other cross the street and also make their way to various destinations.

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The North Carolina Pro Am Is Back: Get Ready To Be Entertained

Today’s post has local flavor. July 1, marks the beginning of the Pro/Am Basketball League sponsored by Jerry Stackhouse. The league should be action packed as always and word on the street is that Austin Rivers is on a roster and we get to witness the top talent in the country put his arsenal on display.

This year there is a new twist as the games will still be played at North Carolina Central University, but because they are now a fully accredited division one university, no high school males will be allowed to participate. The major twist this year is that a women’s league has been added as well.

My first look at a couple of the rosters has me excited to see if many of these athletes are going to show up and participate. With the impending NBA lockout and lack of a summer league, this sanctioned league may be the only avenue for a lot of stars to keep their games in good shape.  I saw a roster that had John Wall and Javale McGee on it.  Other big names on rosters included Kevin Durant, Raymond Felton, Danny Green, Kyle Singler, Chris Duhon, C.J. Leslie, Harrison Barnes, Kendall Marshall, and Reggie Bullock.

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It's Never A Bad Idea To Go See An A&T versus Central Game

Being a product of an HBCU I understand that there are many highs and lows. You don’t always have the best facilities in the world, but you do have what you need to survive and be successful. In many ways an HBCU teaches you a lot about what to expect in the real world. Seriously you don’t have the best of everything but you learn to make the most out of what you have.

However the HBCU does offer something that no one can really match. When HBCU’s have their rival games, the atmosphere is always electric. An Aggie/Eagle rivalry is about as good as it gets and when those two teams collide in anything you know you are going to get an atmosphere that is second to none.

Even before the beginning of the game you knew you were at a family reunion. There was a sense of hate, but also there was a mutual respect as the Eagles are no longer the little guy coming to play big brother. People were lined up as far as the eye could see in hopes of garnering a ticket to feel the sense of Aggie or Eagle Pride AMPLIFIED.

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