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The Reason NFL Teams Aren't Coveting Jacory Harris

Four years ago I decided that I wanted to see Florida high school football at its finest. I recall the days of yesteryear when Vero Beach High School was a perennial power but I was hearing stories about a

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So Who Is Your Favorite In College Football This Year

Its college football season and everyone has a favorite. Today at Bull City we want to see who your football favorites are this season. 

Click the poll below and we will see where your heart lies this season.

If you choose other, list your team in the comments section.


Steve Spurrier’s Pay To Play Plan Makes A Lot Of Sense But It Won’t Happen

Leave it to Steve Spurrier, "The Ole Ball Coach," to figure out how to pay college athletes. Spurrier has unveiled a plan that will pay college athletes $300 per game. That is a lot of money when you consider at home games teams dress as many as 100 players. I know what you are thinking, that is a lot of money for schools to dish out, and you are right. However, Spurrier isn’t spending any more of the schools money; he is doing it with his own.

Spurrier’s proposal states that coaches use their incentive or bonus contract money from sponsors like Nike and Adidas which in most cases is millions, and pay college athletes on a per game basis. This roughly comes out to about $300 thousand dollars a season for those coaches. That is not a lot of money considering these coaches get around 1.5 to 2 million dollars from these sponsors as well as their own personal coaching salaries.

Six of his fellow SEC coaches signed on to support Spurrier's idea. Some who didn't agree said they were afraid a proposal that wouldn't pass might damage the chances of passing legislation for full-cost scholarships, which they support. 

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Did Kyrie Irving Wreck Your Bracket Too

Everyone filled out their brackets early in the week when there was very little buzz around Duke guard Kyrie Irving returning. When the word hit the Bull City, most of us expected that if he did come back, he wouldn’t really be that big of a factor considering that Irving had missed so much time. Let’s face it, Irving has played in only a handful of games and although he is one of the premier guards in the nation, missing that much time could not be beneficial to his game.

In most cases when a guy returns at the end of the year, it’s hard to work him into the rotation. Especially when you are one of the top four teams in the nation like Duke. The Devils have won so many games using a system of plays and substitution that benefit what they had left on their roster after all of the injuries. For real basketball fans, you remember when Jameer Nelson returned to the Orlando Magic in the finals a few years ago and it killed the chemistry of the team. The Magic had a system of guards in place but everyone’s timing was interrupted when Nelson returned.

This year Irving has returned to the Blue Devils, but instead of killing the chemistry, he has improved it. In his first game back against the Hampton Pirates, Irving looked as if he hadn’t missed a beat. He was setting the table for his teammates and also scoring 14 points off the Duke bench. Game two against the Michigan Wolverines was more of the same. Defensively he looked stronger than in game one and he managed to score 9 of his 11 points on the free throw line. His play was aggressive and he seemed to fit his role with the team very well.

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Denard "Shoelace" Robinson: The Records Are Falling But Will He Win The Heisman

Denard Robinson nicknamed "Shoelace" because he doesn't wear any in his shoes, is making his case as the best player in college football this season. What he is doing could possibly make him the best college player in the history of the game as he continues piling up yardage at the pace in which the game has never seen. So far this season Robinson has 1008 yards passing and 905 yards rushing despite missing 1 half of football a week ago with a bum knee. 

At this point in the college football season there has not been a more impressive player than Denard Robinson. If the season were already over and the Heisman Trophy ceremony was this weekend, Robinson would take home the award without a doubt. He has been that good, breaking and re-breaking many of the records against the competition he has faced this season.

To say the very least, Robinson's first five starts of his career have been quite impressive, and they have produced some extremely ridiculous and interesting stats. So far he has done some things that have yet to be done on any level in college football.

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