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The Five Best Running Backs In The NFL As Of October 24, 2011

The past few weeks I have gotten out the pen and the pad and decided that it was time to evaluate on my own that were the best running backs in the game. I am looking for a few things when I evaluate running backs:

  1. Do they have the ability to turn water into wine…? Can they make a negative play into a positive?
  2. Do they possess the ability to be an every down back…? This means they can run, catch, block, and are a threat in all three categories.
  3. Are they homerun hitters… which mean they can take a two yard run and turn it into an 80 yard run.
  4. What type of footwork do they have in and out of the cut… Can they go from 100 to 0, and then back to 100 without slipping and sliding all over the field?
  5. Do defenders hesitate before they come up to take on the back…? This means they are a force and not every one wants a piece of them at their best.

As I evaluated the backs in the league I had to watch a lot of football. I recorded three games from each of the past four weeks and I spent some time watching guys go at their best. I have to say that the list didn’t shape out like I thought it would. I watched guys who are usually the one’s crowned when it comes to great backs because they have been doing it for so long. What I found is that there are a few guys who really don’t get the attention they deserve when it comes to their football ability.

Lets start with the 5th back on the list.

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The Running Back Conundrum: Who Do You Take And Why

When we discuss the running back position, two names come to mind. Immediately everyone jumps on the Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson bandwagon. It makes perfect sense because both of these guys are the quintessential runners in the game. One is pure speed and the other is a combination of speed and power. So if you had to choose any runner in the game, who do you choose as your franchise running back in 2011?

I am going to argue that I wouldn’t take either of these two. If I had to choose who my runner would be for next season, I take Arian Foster. He is the perfect runner in a league today. He can run, catch, and block. He’s big enough for the goal line and fast enough to play on third down.

If it turns out that someone has already taken Foster, then I am in a conundrum. Johnson and Peterson look very inviting at this point. I have to weigh my options though because both of these guys need volume carries to be effective. Yeah both guys average a lot of yards per carry but it’s because they bore you with the 3 yard runs until finally that homerun 70 yard touchdown occurs on carry 18 or 20.

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NFL Week 11: We Still Don't Know Who To Crown


Week 11 is almost in the books and I have never been as confused about who the best team is in the league this late in the season. The NFL has a lot of talent but it appears that rules and penalties have taken the defenses out of commission. Offense is at a premium and you can tell it more than ever with fantasy football teams scoring upwards of 150 points.

Here is what I know. The Eagles, Packers, Saints, and Falcons are them four best teams in the NFC. They are in a class by themselves. Watching them both play it is clear that at least of this week they are the crème de la crème. The Eagles do it with a few doses of Mike Vick, sprinkled in with a splash of DeSean Jackson, a splash of Jeremy Maclin, and a small dose of LeSean McKoy. The Packers do it with a heavy dose of Aaron Rodgers, a splash of Greg Jennings, a few pieces of James Jones, and a heavy dose of blitzing on defense. The Falcons do it with a big dose of Matt Ryan, small doses of Roddy White, and when you think you have them figured out they hit you with moderate doses of Michael Turner. The Saints do it with heavy doses of Brees and small doses of the rest of the roster.

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2010 BCSOM Fantasy Football Draft Guide - Running Backs

Now that you have gotten your quarterback situation under control today we are going to discuss the beasts of the fantasy draft. That’s right we are talking running backs. While you are looking for a running back there are three things to keep in mind. First of all do they score touchdowns? The reason is touchdowns are worth 6 points in most leagues. That is the most points you can get on any one play in fantasy on offense. Secondly do they gain a lot of yards per game? In fantasy football you get 1 point per 10 yards rushed for so you want to make sure that your runner gets close to a hundred yards per game.

The goal is to get a minimum of 10 points per game from your running back. Finally is your guy versatile. Versatility is key here because it gives you options. If your running back will be involved in the passing game, or even the return game, it is a plus. Touchdowns are touchdowns and any way your guy can score them you should take it.

Below I have compiled a list of the top 20 running backs to grab in the fantasy draft.

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NFC South: Where Ground and Pound Meet the Air Bound

Day 6 of breaking down the divisions takes us to the ever popular NFC South, where the food is better than the teams and the teams are pretty darn good. The NFC South hosts the best combination of football that you can ask for. You have two teams that line up and play smash mouth football and two teams that spread you out and throw the kitchen sink at you. However they all have one thing in common “defense”. Every team in this division will hit you in the mouth and hit you in the mouth hard.

The Atlanta Falcons are the most revamped team in the division the past few years. They went from a team that just wore you down running the ball to a wide open attack. They have a good mix of speed

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