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Randy Moss, The Big Game, and GOAT Status

There are a few guys in sports who deserve to be champions. Across the platform there are guys who I have grown to admire as athletes but for some reason they never got over the hump. Names like Dan Marino come to mind when I think of greatness in football and in a lot

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Megatron is the Don, But Julio and AJ Are Closer Than You Think

This year is more proof than ever that the NFL has transformed itself into a pass first league. Even if the teams with balance have a better tendency to win more games, a potent passing attack will always keep you interested.

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All Time HBCU Football Team

If you have ever had the chance to experience black college football then you know that there is nothing like it on the planet. Week after week the experience moves from one campus to another with celebrations, fellowship, and a family oriented atmosphere where

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Will We Ever Know Who The Greatest Athlete of All Time Is

In sports we always talk about who is the best. On any given day we can argue who the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) is in any sport. The problem is that most of us never saw many of the greats from yesteryear play, so we can only give information about who we think is the best versus who is really the best.

There will always be those who are purists but many people will accept greatness for what it is. If you were to ask anyone who is the greatest baseball player of all time you will get answers like this:

George Herman Ruth         

Henry Aaron

Willie Mays

Barry Bonds

Ted Williams

Josh Gibson

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Jerry Rice Weighs In On Cam Newton And Race

News broke this morning when Jerry Rice did an interview for ESPN Radio. This morning Rice stated that he believes African-American quarterbacks were discriminated against in the past, but that the league has advanced beyond those days. “I think the NFL is so much further now,” Rice said. “I don’t think race is a factor.”

“It’s going to boil down to accuracy,” Rice said. “He’s going to have to be able to drop back, plant himself and deliver that football. During his workouts the ball was a little high, all over the place.”

Rice has a point. The leash for African American quarterbacks may be short, but if guys like Jamarcus Russell can get drafted with the first overall pick then we know race is not going to be the final call. I honestly think it depends on the market for quarterback success. Some teams are built for young quarterbacks to be successful like the Jets, Ravens, and Falcons. Other teams are not, which is why they are drafting so high in the first place. One thing is for sure and Rice hits it on the head, if you can play and play at a high level, it doesn’t really matter what color your skin is in this league, it is all about production. 

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