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17 Years, One Playoff Win, And A Whole Lot of Broken Dreams

I have put a lot of time and money into being a Dallas Cowboys fan. I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan my entire life. I've lived, loved, and cried Dallas Cowboys football for most of my life. It all started when I watched my first game on

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Dallas Cowboys Fans: What Did We Get For All The Money We Spent

Football has been reinstated and everyone is going crazy except for the NFL franchises that overextended themselves financially the past two seasons. This years draft picks have yet to be signed and the Dallas Cowboys are millions of dollars over the proposed salary cap. They are not alone, the teams that went on a spending spree the last few years, and specifically last year with an uncapped year, and are now over the new salary cap, have been given a slight reprieve on keeping their current players.

Earlier this week it was revealed that the salary cap for the 2011 NFL season would be 120 million. John Clayton also reported that there could be an addition 20 million available in ancillary benefits.  The biggest development is that the cap floor will be 90% of the cap.  Raising the cap floor will force all teams to spend at least 108M.  I’m sure this was a key point in negotiations since it increases the total amount spent on player costs.  Teams could offer more front-loaded contracts in order to meet the cap figure.  Additionally, it’s uncertain whether it’s a soft cap that would allow teams to retain their veteran free agents or not.

Ironically the teams that did the most spending all did well with the exception of the Cowboys and the Broncos. The Cowboys have been promising for the past 6 seasons. They have taken the most chances with guys like Terrell Owens, Adam Jones, and Roy Williams. They have also had the most pro bowlers and have been about everyone's favorite to win it all the past 3 - 4 years.

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What If??? A Dallas Cowboys Fan Chronicles The Past 5 Years

Five years ago something great happened in Dallas. The Cowboys were ready to explode on the scene as the best team in the NFL. They had figured out all of the pieces and had made some great acquisitions and draft picks to set themselves up as a powerhouse in the NFL. Then all of a sudden Bill Parcells decides that he is done and is headed to South Beach after Tony Romo botches a snap against a Seattle Seahawks team that they have dominated the entire game.

No problem right. You have discovered a pretty good quarterback in Tony Romo. You have solidified your defense with anchors like DeMarcus Ware and Brady James. The Secondary has been improved with Terrance Newman coming into his own and hard hitting safety Roy Williams is undoubtedly the best in the business. So its time to put some pieces in place to make this go the way you want it to go. Little did we know it was the beginning of the problems.

The Cowboys made a decision not to consider anyone from the Parcells staff for the position of head coach. They decided to go with Wade Phillips who was the anti-Parcells. I am not stroking Bill Parcells because I have always thought he was one of the most overrated coaches of his era. However I do respect that his teams always look like they came to play. We know the history and it’s not all bad but…. What If??????

What if the Cowboys would have given the job to Sean Payton? Can you imagine the creativity that would have emerged on that offense that hasn’t been the same since he left? Imagine what he could have done with weapons like Terrell Owens, Jason Witten, Patrick Crayton, Miles Austin, Marion Barber, Tayshard Choice, and Felix Jones. Take any one of these guys and compare them to any player on the Saints offense at the same position and I dare say you will not find one and that is better. Then you throw in what they have drafted in the past two years with Martellus Bennett and Dez Bryant you have to think Sean Payton would have been foaming at the mouth.

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Why Doesn't Anyone Want Me?

I am incredibly fast for a 35 year old man. I am in the best shape of my life. I run everyday and no one works as hard as I do on or off the field. Sure controversy follows me but I can play. I made an average quarterback like Trent Edwards look good last year. I’ve proven myself year in and year out but for some reason no body wants me.

Terrell Owens is an explosive receiver. No doubt he is still skill wise a top 15 wide receiver in the NFL. Yet he still has no home. I for one don’t really understand why no team is willing to sign Owens but in a league with a ton of mediocre starters at the wide receiver position it just doesn’t make a lot of sense that Owens remains unsigned.

I am going to throw my biases out because Moss and Owens have been my two favorite wide receivers the past decade. To me Moss and Owens are the benchmark at wide receiver for the new generation. They both are explosive but they do it in different ways. Moss will make you miss then blow by you. Owens will run through you then by you. Moss has the better hands but Owens runs the better routes.

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