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Is This The Year The Freshman Gets To Pose

The Heisman Trophy has a legacy of not giving the trophy out to underclassmen and especially sophomores and freshmen. Well a few sophomores have been able to garner the trophy and even though they were more than worthy, it was pretty close when they won. 

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Is Russell Wilson Heisman Worthy

The first leg of the college football season has been filled with hysteria and fandom. Folks start putting together their early season All-American teams and the debate over who the top Heisman candidates begin to surface. While most of the pre-season favorites have been severely underperforming, there have been a couple of people who weren’t on any ones radar, except mine, that have began to garner interest.

I have to admit that I didn’t even have Michigan Wolverine Denard Robinson anywhere near my list and he has been the most dominant player on the field in every game he has played this season. He is Pat White reinvented but with better qualities. This kid was built for the spread option offense. Not too tall, built like a running back and possessing a cannon for an arm, this kid can do it all. He is a part of the movement that everyone predicted would happen to the position after the original Michael Vick experience at Virginia Polytechnical Institute in Blacksburg, Virginia around 2001.

The other surprise candidate garnering Heisman consideration is North Carolina State’s signal caller Russell Wilson. Wilson is a slight 5’ 11” but he is not the prototypical runner for that height. This kid is more Drew Brees than Donovan McNabb. He is a precise passer and has a big arm. He can run if he has too but his touch on the deep ball is probably his greatest asset. I remember being in a chat room at the beginning of the season and I threw his name out there to see if any one was seeing what I was and the response was pretty unfavorable. People were like he’s the fourth or fifth best quarterback in the ACC alone. I was thinking at worst he was second and that was only if Jacory Harris was going to be what I thought he would be this season. The ACC is a league that is dominated by quarterback play but there haven’t been any quarterbacks that have done anything worth bragging about with the exception of Russell Wilson.

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