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Why Winning the Heisman Does Not Equal Success in the NFL

Every year we watch college football with the excitement and intrigue of a 12 year old who is finding their way into adulthood. Year after year we watch player by player get decorated with awards that many feel they deserve. Funny thing is very few players live up to the hype when they reach the NFL. Let’s take the last few Heisman winners that have finished their college careers and see how successful they have been on the next level.

2007 Tim Tebow – Third String QB Verdict still out

2006 Troy Smith – Third String QB cut recently by Ravens

2005 Reggie Bush – Backup overpaid RB never will play to potential

2004 Matt Leinart – Career backup QB cut recently by Cardinals

2003 Jason White – Undrafted No Longer in NFL

2002 Carson Palmer – Has had a couple of good seasons but average career

2001 Eric Crouch – Moved to Safety No longer in NFL

2000 Chris Weinke – Backup QB No longer in NFL

1999 Ron Dayne – Backup RB No longer in NFL

This list says a lot. It is amazing that only one out of all these players have been successful. College football is a game that displays a certain amount of irony. The offenses that the college teams run are all flavorful and full of variety and there is coaching that allows individuals to do things that garner recognition. The Pro game is dictated more towards skill. The offenses are all pretty much the same since the game recycles coaches over and over but that is a topic for another day.

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