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The Best Beards In Sports

Growing a beard is definitely an art. A lot of guys can grow one but many can pull it off with a look that makes them worthy of the beard. Let's keep it real, some beards just look better than others. Some people were meant to have a beard. I know guys who can't grow one for anything. I recently grew one that my 6 month old daughter can't get enough of. It takes work to pull off the bearded look but it can be done if done right. 

Today at Bull City, we pay homage to the bearded athlete. Today we will take a look at the 5 best beards in basketball. Being that I no longer play ball, I will disqualify myself as a candidate but I would like to add that mine would definitely not have made the top 5 list anyway. Also King James is pictured but that beard failed to make the top 5 as well. Dare I say I was closer to the top 5 than the King.

The List goes like this:

5. Gilbert Arenas – Gilbert is looking like a lost soul but his beard is great.

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When Did Braylon Edwards Get Good Hands

Since the playoffs started Braylon Edwards has been a ball magnet. The man who usually don’s the top of the league in drops has become Mr. Dependable and is catching everything. Seriously he is making catches that are somewhat jaw dropping.

I used to always joke because the man is almost always open, but the quarterback would rarely look his way in clutch situations because he would usually drop about 40% of the balls that come his way. I'm not sure how a man who couldn't catch herpes in a whorehouse can now catch a BB in the dark.

No one has ever questioned his ability. He had greatness stamped on him from the day he left the University of Michigan. However somewhere along the line, he lost his mojo. This season for the most part he has found it. His year this year is far better from a performance standpoint than any other years because he became clutch. For a big man he is elusive and his routes are pretty good for a guy his size. He uses his body well and he has the ability to separate. His only real knock was that he drops passes.

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Jets Fans: There Is No Need To Panic...Yet!

All you bandwagon riders, don’t be so quick to jump ship, the New York Jets aren’t as bad as they appeared to be on Monday night. The Jets just happened to be playing a team that well looked like them. Keep in mind that the Ravens were once Rex Ryan’s defensive baby that grew up and matured like a fine wine. 

Watching the Jets and the Ravens play was like playing Madden and both players choosing the same team. Flacco and Sanchez are both young and inexperienced so both teams lean on the ability to run. The Ravens have Ray Rice, a young running back who has just found himself and is beginning to come into his own. They also have an experienced veteran in Willis McGahee to pick up the slack when Rice gets tired. The Jets have a young runner themselves in Shonn Greene who is starting his first NFL games. The Jets also have an insurance policy in LaDainian Tomlinson who will pick up the team when Greene is unable to deliver.

The passing game of both teams limits the explosive receivers that both of them have. Weapons like Braylon Edwards, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Santonio Holmes, and Anquon Boldin will all have numbers that will be somewhat frustrating to elite receivers due to inexperienced quarterback play.

Even on defense these teams are so similar it’s eerie. The only difference between the two teams is the secondary. The Jets have an elite secondary headed by Darell Revis and the Ravens have an experienced secondary that is missing its leader Ed Reed. One thing is for sure, is that both of these teams will hit you. The front seven of both of these teams is as big and fast as any that the NFL has ever witnessed. Both are deep and both deliver.


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