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Why Alex Smith Is The First Half MVP of the NFL

I know many people just fell out of their seats when they read the title of this post. In fact, it took a little bit of convincing myself to write this post. When I looked at it from a pure statistical perspective, it made very little if any sense to even

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Andy Reid Finally Let The Real Slim Shady Stand Up

Last night Shady McCoy put on a clinic on the cutback run. Good runners will make the opposing teams have discipline when they play defense. The beauty of a cutback runner is simple because they make the defensive ends slow down and play run first and pass second. 

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Welcome Back Welcome Back DeSean Jackson

Good news hit the stands yesterday as DeSean Jackson aka “The Freak” has decided to report to Eagles camp. The Eagles have been busy in free agency making the most of their money getting some big named free agents to report to their camp in 2011. Regardless of the signings, none of it really matters if the Eagles were to take the field without their offensive star.

Jackson spreads the field and makes everyone around him better. If teams make the mistake and play too many men in the box, Jackson will destroy whoever has to deal with him one on one.

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Making A Case For Michael Vick As MVP Over Tom Brady

The NFL Most Valuable player race has turned into a two horse race.  Many experts have New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in the club house with a slight lead over the electrifying Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. There are a few that are even screaming the name Philip Rivers. (We won't include him but I am sure he will get some consideration)

It is easy to manufacture a respectable argument in favor of either player.  I think it is important to consider more than statistics.  It is vital to weigh other factors such as adversity and expectations in addition to their team's overall performance.

The Case For Brady

The Patriots have an 11-2 record.  They will likely be the No. 1 seed in the A.F.C. ensuring home-field throughout the playoffs. Brady’s statistics are simply Brady-like.  Thus far he has passed for 3561 yards, 31 touchdowns against four interceptions.  He has a passer rating of 109.9. Based on Brady’s statistics it would be easy to suggest he is the best player in football. 

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DeSean Jackson Stole The Soul Out Of Giants Fans

Yesterday DeSean Jackson stole the souls of the New York Giants fans with the first ever walk-off punt return in NFL history. He is undoubtedly a “Love him if he’s on your team, hate him if he’s not” kind of player. The 65 yard punt return by Jackson today to end the game put the Eagles one step closer to clinching the NFC East.

It’s not so much that Jackson, has a flair for the big play, it’s his showboating antics that get a rise out of his opponents and detractors and adoration from his teammates and fans. The man is a human highlight reel. You never know what you are going to get but you know it’s going to be exciting.

Today we were shooting hoops and every person left the floor and went to check the television to see the Jackson replay. Nobody could believe it. The fact that the Eagles came back to be in position to win was amazing in itself. All the person who came in the gym had to say was “The Jerk” did it to the Giants. Everyone bolted out the door to see the replay.

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