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Was Chris Bosh The Right Choice For The Miami Heat

Basketball, my third love, is a very complex game. One has to be astute to the nuances that make a player great. In the NBA greatness is measured by a lot of different formulas, one being the NBA championship. If you were to ask me who I thought the best five players in the league were, I am sure you would get a different response than most other people. I am not suggesting that I am right or wrong, its just that everyone has a little bias in their rankings of the top five players in the league.  

This brings me to my current dilemma. I have seen enough basketball to recognize greatness. When I watch the NBA several people jump out as good, but not many have the “it” factor that makes them great. You may ask, “Where is this all going?” Well let me tell you. When I watch Chris Bosh play basketball, I don't see what everyone else is proclaiming about him. His game is lazy and unorthodox. He is a big man who would rather play the perimeter than to bang. He is a small guy trapped in a tall guy’s body.

Everyone proclaimed Bosh as the linchpin to "The Decision." He might have served as a mechanism that made the 3 friends decide to play together but I don't see him as a great fit for that group. If you were to ask me what power forwards I would rather have than Chris Bosh, I would immediately come up with three to four names. 

Can you honestly say with a straight face that Bosh is better than Amare Stoudemire? I mean seriously the only advantage Bosh has over Amare is age. Is Bosh better than Pau Gasol? If you answered yes to either of those, then you have some real bias in your opinion.

I am by no way insinuating that Chris Bosh can't ball. The man has a solid offensive foundation, but as a power forward, he is definitely lacking in the area of banging. I have stood on the outside looking in as I have watched people on twitter and Facebook argue about his ability and most of the legitimacy around both sides of the argument is bias.

I was making the assessment last year about the Miami Heat and their over-hyped team. I do think they are great. Not because of Bosh, but because they have two of the five best players on the planet on their team.

I made the comparison of this team to the team the Knicks put on the floor when they had Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Charles Oakley, Allen Houston, and Greg Anthony. Everyone kept saying they had the best team in the league. I had to remind everyone; that may be the case on paper, but you still have to play the games and at the time there was an assassin still in Chicago with a pair of snipers and a wingman that would stand in their way. 

You can argue that the same is true for the Heat. There are a couple of assassins out there with just enough fire power to make things and life difficult. However if they don't get more production out of the third leg of the equation, their championship runs will continue to come up short. If that's the case then the salary cap and age are going to eventually handicap the process.

In my estimation the third leg of the equation needed to be a point guard who could delegate and set the offense to get them the ball where they can be productive. However they can make it work if all three pieces play to their capabilities. 

Stay Breezy ~ I'm out.

Reader Comments (2)

I'm not ready to write Chris Bosh off yet. I'll give him one more year. I just think he has it in him. I go back to when he played in the olympics. He played tough defense and rebounded well (he didn't score on the block, but they didn't ask him to do that). I thought he would carry that performance over to the league, but he reverted back to his finesse game. They say he's put on 10-15 lbs of muscle and is ready to be more physical. Only time will tell.

December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKeith

He did start picking it up at the end of last year. Hopefully he can give them more. They could have probably used a point guard but I understand why they didn't get one due to having two guys who can play the point. This year will be interesting to say the least.

December 14, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterHenry

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